If you ever asked WHY ME….

Most of us can probably admit to owning a pair of words, that as we age, have taken on a bigger meaning.  When we were asked to do our chores as little kids, or asked to clean up a mess we didn’t make, perhaps we had to go to that aunt’s house we didn’t really care for…… “why me?”  Yes why me was for many a staple of the every day vernacular….Interesting thing about WHY ME, we always associate it it with some type of punishment because after all, it’s something that should really be passed on to someone else.

As we get older, we endure our first break up,  first loss, get fired from a dream job or any other unfortunate situation, many of us at one point or another ask WHY ME?   With age and conscience we also tend to direct that question away from our parents and at a higher power.  As people we are vulnerable, we are emotional and we grieve all types of losses… and for many of us we question why we deserve that.

Today I challenge the WHY ME….  WHY?  Well because there is no greater challenge to the WHY ME than a parent caring for a child with CHD.  I bet if you think about it, if you were to ask WHY ME? the answer you’d get back is “No one could care for this child and love this child like you”.  We talk about how amazing CHD kids are, well because they are.  But CHD parents are quite remarkable.  They realize quickly “why me” is no longer even a logical question.  They realize they have been given the opportunity to fulfill and carry out a job that not every parent can do.  To love, nurture and care for a child that not just anyone could.  They’ve been blessed with greater compassion, patience, strength… all the tools needed, and unique to CHD parents.

I think it would be safe to say that just like there are 1 in 100 little CHD Angels, God provided 1 in 100 Parents to care for them.


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