An Easter Message

By Andrea Peters

I know as a mother of three, this time of year is so fun! The flowers are in bloom and my kids are starting to look forward to summer. Easter brings so many fun things that can be seen through the eyes of a child: Easter egg hunts, sugar rush, and dreams of chocolate bunnies.  In our family, Easter is also about understanding the meaning of the resurrection.

We were raised to believe, and still believe that Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. In this imperfect world, it is good knowing that we have this incredible gift of a Father allowing his son to die on behalf of all humanity. It’s also the story of a mother seeing her son hanging on a cross. This is the true meaning of Easter. As a mother of a child of CHD—I have a glimpse of the agony Mary must have experienced—the pain, the fear, the unknown, and the inability to save him. Just as in the resurrection, God has a higher plan for our children as well. We take great comfort in believing and knowing this. I encourage you, this Easter weekend to remember our children are gifts, wholly made in the image of God—imperfections and all.

God is good–but that doesn’t mean life doesn’t go without challenges. Challenges in raising a CHD child.  Challenges financially in paying for these children.  Challenges in questioning “why me”.  But He will provide more than we ever ask and think and I trust you have peace knowing He is Risen… He is Risen Indeed.

Happy Easter from the Whole Hearts family.


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